A Tragic Accident

I was reading through a claims update from the insurer, QBE, the other day when I read about this tragic case. Whilst this was presented in terms of a technical claim decision made by the courts, my thoughts turned to the human side of the story.

Imagine the planning that went into the event day by the drama school and the delight at the blessing of good weather on the day itself. I'm sure the inflatable pool was both a welcome site for visitors and organisers alike. For events to take such a terrible turn stands as a reminder that accidents can happen at all times, and as we are constantly reminded, these very often lead to a legal challenge. 

No one wants to prevent some good old-fashioned fun, or take every waking hour with thoughts of health and safety but a regular and considered discussion as to what might happen and how an organisation might respond to events such as this is surely wise use of time. 

It is highly unlikely that the specific circumstances in this case would have been highlighted but at least the correct catchall insurances would've been identified and put into place.

Richard BensonComment