Insurance...a little less formal
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Insurance...a little less formal

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It seems scarcely credible thinking about it now that I have been advising small business owners on their insurance needs for in excess of 30 years! Much has changed in that time and the world is a very different place but some things remain constant. Business owners are busy people wanting to concentrate on running their own businesses. They don't want to spend an inordinate amount of time on arranging and understanding their insurance needs and they certainly don't want the risk of an unforeseen catastrophe ruining their years of hard work. That's why most businesses employ the services of a professional broker to represent them when it comes to arranging their insurance.

Many of my existing clients have been with me throughout the duration of my career and I have worked with them and played a small part in their own success -  providing quality insurance products to protect them against uncertainty..



Qualified with the recognised Chartered Insurance Institute, I provide a highly individual service ensuring you have direct contact with myself at all times and it is my job to look after your interests whilst you engage me.

Whilst I have the benefits of being service-oriented, I am also a member of a larger network ensuring that I have access to many household name insurers as well as specialist markets for those businesses requiring them.

 I am also highly flexible around your insurance costs, securing market competitive rates and, where appropriate, working on a purely fee basis which means you pay less tax on the insurance premiums and any perceived conflict-of-interest is removed from the relationship.
 If you are looking for a new way of  ensuring you have the right insurance advice for your business then contact me today and I would be delighted to have an initial consultation to establish how I can help.


Some nice things people have said

I just want to say a big thank you for your patience and perseverance in sorting this out and achieving the best possible outcome. Your expertise and support has meant that the company has not been inconvenienced in any way and this is greatly appreciated.
Richard, I have to say it’s a pleasure dealing with you

Thank you.
Fabulous! They’re very good aren’t they – so quick and efficient! And so are you of course!
Thanks for the speedy response to everything very impressed!
I am pleased that all my insurances are in one place with you. I don’t have much faith in my old brokers - they knew nothing about their parent company contacting me and couldn’t find any record of the message I left with a question.
Richard has looked after all our companies insurance needs for the past 15 years. First of all, he is a great person to work with and we totally trust him to get a great deal for us. When we need a new estimate or we need to make a claim he is able to turn it around in very quick time with no hassle for us at all. He has quoted for a number of new areas for our business and is most competitive. We have absolutely no hesitation in recommending him to anybody.
Very helpful – thanks Richard
I can always rely on you for total efficiency. If only all our contacts were so ‘on it’!
Richard, you are the best
Thanks Richard – you’re very efficient!!!!!
Grand – thanks for your never ending efficiency
Once again many thank for your valued assistance yet again for another year
As always you’re a star
The service you provide is excellent and much appreciated
The amount quoted was a pleasant surprise due to your re-engineering and recommendations
Where’s your lovely invoice then?
Richard, you’ve added the cherry to an almost perfect week
Richard, You are a star sir, thank you very much