1 hr 7 mins to client satisfaction

Today I received a phone call from a client at 9:22 am advising me that a property that he owned had been damaged in the storms last night leaving the chimney stack in a dangerous position and he needed to claim for this damage. 

I spoke immediately to his insurers, NIG, who efficiently took details of the damage and agreed that the repairs needed to be carried out and they were happy for this to be done and an invoice sent to them for reimbursement. 

I then needed to find a contractor who was able to attend site urgently and that, given the extent of storm damage nationwide, was not going to be easy. In these circumstances, I use a company called Prism Network who operate a panel of approved contractors and are expert in preparing claims for insurers. With one phone call they had taken details and proceeded to call their local firm of roofers who had confirmed that they had guys working in the area and they would instruct them to attend the site immediately. 

In the meantime I had received a call from the Derbyshire Fire Service, stressing the urgency of the situation. I felt sorry for the chap who called me, as he was clearly stressed and suffering from lack of sleep having, to coin a phrase, been "fighting fires all night". He told me that he had even had damage to his own house overnight and had not yet been able to go home to deal with that!

I was delighted to be able to call back my client and my stressed fire service colleague at 10:29 am to confirm that contractors had been appointed and were on the way to the property to make safe the chimney stack. 

Great to be able to provide a responsive and professional service just when the client needed it most and in such stretching circumstances. It just shows what can be done.