Product Refresh - AXA Management Liability

AXA Insurance have recently refreshed their Management Liability product which I use extensively to protect my clients businesses. Not only does it offer good value Directors & Officers Liability cover but, if you include the Company Legal Liability section (as I usually recommend) then you will also benefit from the following additonal covers:

  • Loss arising from a breach of Data Protection Law
  • Costs in pursuing a contract dispute or debt recovery
  • Losses from cyber liability
  • Identity fraud cover
  • Loss from a fraudulent transfer of electronic funds

The last item, in particular, is one that I am sure we can all identify with. A hacker gains access to your online banking and cleans out your account!

There are certain inner limits and terms applying but these are real world benefits providing solid cover to areas of emerging risk.

Existing policyholders will have their wordings updated at the next renewal but if you have any questions or wish to discuss further then please contact me.