Vehicle technology - safer drivers/lower premiums

The Department of Transport’s ‘Reported Road Casualties in Great Britain Annual Report 2014’ confirms that a staggering 49,984 people were killed or injured last year whilst driving for work!

Following my previous articles on ‘crash for cash’, I’d like to remind you that a host of vehicle technologies are now available to improve driver and vehicle safety. It is also worth noting that when these devices are fitted, insurance premiums can come down as a result, helping to offset purchase and installation costs.

In-vehicle cameras
In-vehicle cameras or DVRs as they are also known are widely used because they provide irrefutable evidence that can be used to quickly resolve insurance claims that follow accidents.

• A variety of driver cameras are available which record and store footage
• Cameras which email automatically can contact emergency services when a driver is injured or unconscious
• Cameras can help support good fleet management and driver training, by monitoring driver behaviour

Vehicle trackers and telematics
In addition, trackers and telematics play an important role in promoting safety and help businesses to:

• Minimise the private or out-of-hours use of company vehicles
• Control costs by monitoring and managing average speeds, allocating the nearest available drivers to undertake assignments and ensuring that the easiest routes are always taken
• Accurately track vehicle location, journey times, speed, acceleration, braking and  fuel consumption

Choosing wisely
If you are new to vehicle technology choosing the right solution for you can be a challenge, talk to me today if you would like some advice.