Business interruption insurance – don’t leave it to chance

A positive mental attitude is a great thing for all business owners to have, but simply hoping for the best is not enough when it comes to protecting your business. Not everything is under your control and things can, and do, go wrong. The right level of business interruption insurance can be a lifeline to a business if disaster strikes, and talking to an independent insurance broker about the steps you can take to protect yourself is a step in the right direction.


Natural disasters, fires caused by faulty wiring and even an unexpected disruption to your supply chain can all put your business and your income at risk. If you are unable to trade normally because you can’t gain access to your premises, your property is damaged or you don’t have the tools or products that your customers want, it won’t be long before your turnover,  your ability to trade and your reputation are adversely affected.

Professional insurance brokers have the knowledge and expertise to assess your business’ risks and check if your insurance policy is robust enough to allow you to continue trading following a major loss or crisis. We can arrange business interruption insurance on your behalf by simply adding it to your existing business' property insurance or package policy.

Business interruption insurance offers financial support to:
•    Cover the loss of income that your business suffers after a crisis while your facility is either closed or being rebuilt.
•    Put your business in the same financial position it would have been in if no loss had occurred in the first place.
•    Cover the cost of alternative accommodation if your original premises are uninhabitable – your broker can advise you on insurance for leased premises.
•    Cover the financial impact resulting from a loss at your customers’ or suppliers’ premises.

Other reasonable expenses that allow your business to continue operating while your property is being repaired may also be covered. Your broker will help you check the detail of a policy and is likely to recommend minimum cover of at least two years.

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