Retain and Grow

A couple of days ago I was looking for a phone number for an insurer to speak to them about a change that needed to be made to an existing insurance policy. I checked my contacts, the contacts provided to me by my Network and, finally, I checked their web site. 

There were plenty of contact numbers and email addresses there, but every one was relevant to new business. 

This is symptomatic of a malaise generally amongst businesses focussing too heavily on winning new business over retaining existing business.

Of course, we all like winning new business, they say it is the lifeblood of any business. Far more important is the retaining of business you have spent time winning by providing a quality service and building a relationship of trust. To me, retaining business is the lifeblood. If this is done well then the new business will follow as your clients will be happy to recommend you to their own networks.

So come on, un-named insurer, make it easier for me to retain business with you and I will surely place more new business with you also.


Richard BensonComment