Make sure you are "HR Protected"

Insurance is all about getting someone else to carry the financial risk instead of you. Making sure that if something unexpected happens, the financial repercussions are met by a partner with deep pockets.

But fundamentally, we don't want the loss to occur in the first place.

Therefore, as part of any insurance programme, there should be a consideration towards risk management first. 

Once you decide that something could go wrong, make sure that you consider what steps you might take to prevent it from happening. In this way you will lessen the risk before asking an insurance company to cover you for it. Insurers will then charge you less for a reduced risk.

One such area is in the field of employment law claims.

We all know that these claims are on the rise, and it becomes harder and harder to ensure that all of the legislation and directives are followed. That's why I will always recommend that you take appropriate insurance cover against this kind of claim but also recommend that you ensure that all your HR procedures are up to date as part of your risk management.

I had an excellent meeting with HR Protected this week and can endorse their friendly and flexible approach to HR advice. I particularly like their Sector Packs - targeting essential HR documents to your trade.

If you feel that you need some advice to reduce your risk in this area, feel free to contact me and I can introduce you to HR Protected, or contact them direct and tell them I sent you!