Learn to love your insurance broker


Recently I had the misfortune to lose a long standing client and one of the reasons given to me for instructing another broker was that "they had not asked for any information about the business". They saw this as a benefit as they didnt have to spend time looking for certain financials, thinking about how they mangaged the risks facing their business and making sure that the amounts they were insured for were correct.

In my opinion, the more time spent by an insurance broker in talking with you and understanding your business, not only the better insurance will be arranged, but the better value you will get out of the process. 

This (ex)client clearly decided that insurance was an annoyance and purely transactional.

For the sake of your businesses long term health, I encourage you to learn to love your insurance broker. OK, if thats too far, get one you at least like and can spend some quality time with understanding the risks facing your business. They should demonstrate an interest in how your business functions and ask occasionally awkward questions.

Trust me, we have a allied aim - the long term health of your business. We both rely on it!