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For some years now, I have advocated the purchase of Loss Recovery Insurance. This ensures that, where there is a larger and more complex property insurance claim, possibly involving a loss of profits claim, a professional loss adjuster is appointed to work on my clients behalf with their fees all paid for.

The benefits of this are that it ensures that the best possible outcome is achieved from the claim, with minimal time input by the policyholder at a point when they need to be concentrating on making sure that their business recovers from a loss and not in preparing and negotiating a claim  with their insurers.

I am delighted to announce that I have a new partnership with Claims Equilibrium Club (CEC) to provide this service going forward.

All clients who use my services will be entitled to use their Bronze service, free of charge. This includes up to 5 hours of phone based consultancy with a Loss Adjuster to assist with a loss. The first paid tier of cover is Silver which adds one site visit per year and increases the number of free hours to 10. Finally, the Gold tier allows multiple on site visits and up to 30 hours of consultancy.
If the claim exceeds these set hours then further consultancy can be added for a small percentage fee of the total claim value.

A further benefit of the CEC service is that there is no minimum level of claim value (currently £5,000) for which the service can be used.

Best of all, generally, you will notice a lowering of the cost of this service which is not an insured product and does not attract any insurance premium tax.

As an existing client you will notice the cover changing with your renewal quote and full details will be provided with this.

If you don’t have this cover at present then maybe now is the time to make sure that you have the full support of insurance professionals when you need it most?

Contact me today to discuss any questions you may have.