Travel Insurance - Your ticket to relax

It’s that time of year again, when we are all dusting down our flip flops and heading off to the sunshine. With so much to think about when organising a holiday it can be easy to overlook travel insurance or just buy the basic cover offered to you. But this can be a false economy, some policies have quite limited scope and may not include covers you would have expected.

So what should you do?

  • Speak to us well ahead of your trip so that we have plenty of time to get the most appropriate cover in place, we will be happy to give you a Travel Insurance quote before you book your trip so that you are fully aware of your costs at the outset.
  • Make sure that you declare any pre-existing medical conditions – otherwise you might find these are not covered once you are abroad.
  • Once you have selected your policy, familiarise yourself with the details so that you know what you are covered for and your exclusions and excesses.
  • Take your policy details, emergency telephone numbers and our contact details on holiday with you in case of an emergency.
  • Have a great holiday!