Independent insurance brokers still the sensible option

With 21% of insurance and share policies purchased online in Great Britain last year (Source: Statistica), you may be forgiven for questioning the value of using an independent insurance broker. However, they offer clear advantages when compared with the Internet.

Firstly, independent brokers are highly trained and have access to many insurers offering a wide range of insurance products. This means that they are uniquely placed to provide impartial advice about a range of options rather than a single product offered by a faceless source.

Finding the perfect policy
Whilst high quality insurance is available online, products are often generic. Rather than choosing cover that’s tailor made for their organisation, customers often have to select the best from those on offer.

In contrast, an experienced broker can discuss your requirements in detail and work on your behalf to select the right policy for you. Once this has been identified, a broker will cut through jargon to review the product and its accompanying terms and conditions to make sure nothing is overlooked.

Negotiating the most competitive rates
Using their relationships with insurance providers and underwriters, brokers have enhanced bargaining power to negotiate the most competitive rates to make sure you don’t just get the cover you need, but that it is priced attractively.  

What’s more, using a broker gives you the reassurance of knowing that all paperwork will be completed correctly to avoid the costly mistakes that can arise later on. They will also make sure the documentation insurers issue is correct and meets all of your needs.

Finally, a broker will handle any claims for you to achieve the fastest and fairest resolution meaning that you can carry on doing what you do best, running your business safe in the knowledge that you have the right professional advice to
support you. 

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