Changes to the driving licence

I always recommend that all employers that have any employees driving company vehicles, or their own vehicles for business, periodically check their driving licences. This is to establish that the employee has the correct licence to drive the vehicle and they are aware of any previous convictions and endorsements to the licence which must be disclosed to the insurance company.

With effect from 08 June 2015 the paper part of the licence will no longer be valid and will cease to be issued by the DVLA. Therefore this presents a challenge to the employer wishing to update their records by way of a licence audit.

What employers will need to do in the future is ask the employee to issue an online code which will allow the employer a short term window to view the licence details on the DVLA web site.

More details can be found in this blog post from QBE.

Please speak to me if you are unsure if you need to carry out this audit for your business.