Opening doors through Broker Network

The value of your insurance policy is only worth the cover in it, which is where an insurance broker can help you avoid an inadequate policy. QS Insurance’s membership to Broker Network allows us to explore the products of a greater range of providers, so when we come to source worthy protection, we have far more options. 

As a small, independent insurance broker, I have personal contact with my clients which goes beyond a yearly policy renewal. In my 26 years within the industry, I know how much this matters to my clients, and it’s equally important to me. 

What being a member of Broker Network does is allow me this level of interaction, whilst giving me the access to commercial and personal lines on a much larger scale.

As well as over 30 partner insurers, Broker Network has access to many other leading UK providers, including those operating in the London market. So when myself and other members maintain that we’ll aim to arrange cover that best befits your requirements from what’s available to us, this includes a substantial range, rather than just a handful.

This selection is what gives independent insurance brokers such as myself the edge, and means that we really can offer advice and guidance on a much broader scope of protection. The figures go some way to substantiating this point. Broker Network’s 600+ members control over £2.7 billion of premiums across personal and commercial lines, enjoying exclusive products from Broker Network’s Underwriting to further enhance their offering to clients. By helping independent brokers of all sizes to grow, the network creates space for it to further expand itself, much to the benefit of its members and partner insurers. This unified growth is why Broker Network is the largest network in the UK and why I for one am glad to be part of it.