Add ons...tartar and lemon with that?

You may or may not know that my industry's regulator changed last year. Previously the FSA, we have had fun changing all our stationary to reflect the new name, the differentiated FCA!

One of the first pieces of thematic work they are doing is to investigate the practice of selling "add-ons" by insurers, brokers, banks etc.

These are the additonal policies that sit alongside your main policy and might provide legal expenses cover for your motor or home insurance, it might provide for a hire car in the event of accident or it may give access to a legal helpline to a business.

Either way, there is nothing fundamentally wrong with any of these products, it's just that frequently they are sold as "opt-out" rather than "opt-in". This then leads to many people buying cover they dont understand or worse, dont want and much higher earnings for the sellers. Not very friendly. A bit like when my local chip shop asks if you would like lemon and tartar sauce, you decline and they put it in the box anyway!

I am pleased to remind you that I dont sell add ons. Or rather I can offer them where appropriate but I would always explain them to you and ensure that you understand both how they will help you and what the cost to you is. Nothing hidden, nothing underhand. No lemon and tartar - unless you really want it!

Dont be taken in by companies over-selling to you, speak to someone you can trust to protect your business.

If you need a trusted adviser for your insurances, contact me to see how I can help.