The adjuster with two faces

I was talking to a client the other day about their Loss Recovery insurance (covers the cost of a loss adjuster to work on their behalf in the event of a claim) and she reminded me that she had first hand experience of the value of this cover.

Some years ago she had a claim at home and her insurers at the time appointed a loss adjuster to come and see her and deal with the claim. She found the experience rather traumatic with the adjuster being particularly grumpy, questioning every item and making life as difficult as possible.

Fast forward a couple of years and another loss occurred and this time she had use of Loss Recovery insurance from Lorega. Imagine her somewhat negative reaction when the very same adjuster was appointed to act for her on this claim. However, her experience was totally different with the adjuster being friendly, attentive and going out of his way to make the whole claim experience as painless as possible.

It may just have been a "bad day at the office" for the adjuster, but I think it clearly illustrates the benefit of having an expert prepare, present and negotiate your claim for you, in the full knowledge that they are working for you, not the insurer.

If you don't already have Loss Recovery insurance on your insurance programme feel free to contact me today to get this added.