A Simple Fix

I was sat in the waiting room of my sons physiotherapist on Saturday morning (I know, if I had complained of painful legs when I was 13 I would've been told it was growing pains and there was nothing that could be done rather than being booked in for a course of physiotherapy) and I picked up a copy of "Bridgford Life" magazine and started to flick through it. 

I arrived at the opinion penned by Howard Clemmow. He explained that he had recent experience of a couple of insurance claims that has left a slightly sour taste in his mouth and felt that, according to his headline, the system is broken and no-one knows how to fix it. 

The saga that he explains regarding his own home insurance claim is very typical of the stories I hear all the time from dissatisfied policyholders who are left to deal with insurers on their own. They are unaware of the way that insurers work and the processes they need to go through to present their claim. 

I disagree with some of his statements regarding the truth about insurance companies and painting them as some Smaug like dragon, sat atop a golden pile of cash. Also, the insinuation of backhanders and relying on personal injury commissions (which have now been outlawed) also smacks of misinformation. 

All this aside, far from no-one knowing how to fix it, I know how to fix it very easily. 

Make sure you use quality, professional insurance advisor

Not only will you ensure you get the cover arranged correctly in the first place but in the event of having to call on the insurance for a claim they will assist you in dealing with your insurer and make sure that you get the best possible outcome. 

When you buy insurance directly from insurer, as it appears Mr Clemmow has, then you have to accept that in the event of a claim you have to deal with that insurer yourself. In a larger claim, your insurer will appoint a loss adjuster and it is their job to keep the value of the claim to a minimum for their client, the insurer. You have no-one in your corner to make sure that your interests are looked after. 

To quote Mr Clemmow, "Sorting out insurance claims is unpleasant, full of hassle, time-consuming and like watching money pour down the drain". Remove this unpleasantness by making a wise decision When buying your insurance and employ an insurance professional to do this work on your behalf.