Hello World

Actually, its a bit strange broadcasting to a known audience on Zero - the site is not yet live and really this post is just content to put out there to test and get used to the Squarespace 6 blog facility. So far it seems nice and easy to use so, thanks to Merlin Mann and David Sparks for pointing me in this direction. I expect that those names will crop up on a regular basis throughout this blog as they are my Go To Guys for all things Mac and techy. Not that this blog is a tech blog. 

So what is it?

I guess it should become a stream of consciousness from me. Covering everything that I feel is of interest to me and perhaps relating some of this back to the world of business insurance which is how I feed my kids. Over the coming weeks I shall tackle some of the subjects that engage my sometimes too overactive brain and share some of the struggles and (hopefully) solutions that work for me.

I sit here on Thursday 27 December 2012 on the brink of a very big year for me. A new start in many ways and I hope this blog can give a taste of this and help those that may have a passing interest a taste of the successes and frustrations along the way.

Simply getting these first few words down eases the process of starting as I was beginning to feel the pressure of writing. But right now isn't the time to start in earnest as I have promised to sit through the whole Lord of the Rings trilogy with my youngest, Alfie, having taken him to see Part 1 of the Hobbit just before Christmas. 

So a start made, I will retire to start the Fellowship of the Ring and will return soon, my audience of none.

Richard Benson