Replacement Vehicle Insurance

Recently a couple of motor claims have highlighted the need for extra care when considering the insurance on motor vehicles. In one incident, the vehicle was damaged with no other vehicle involved and this was severe enough to take the vehicle off the road for a couple of weeks. In the second incident, a catalytic converter was stolen from a van and a replacement took several days to be fitted.

In both cases, the vehicle damaged was used by the client as a delivery vehicle to distribute their goods to their customers. As these vehicles were unique to them they were unable to deliver to their customers until they were repaired and back on the road. Given that there were no other parties involved in the incidents causing the damage that we could claim back hire vehicle costs from, the client had to bare the cost of a hire vehicle for the period of the repairs.

It therefore highlighted the need for an insurance policy to cover these hire vehicle costs in these circumstances. Fortunately, this cover is freely available and can be added to your existing motor insurance.

Therefore, when arranging your motor insurance, consider what would happen if the vehicle concerned were unavailable to you and whether you would need to immediately hire a replacement. If so, consider adding a relatively cheap extension to cover these costs.