100 Km by foot

My wife sprang a surprise on me the other day by announcing that "we" were going to do a 100k walk in the summer along the South Downs Way! "Its good for the mind and body" I was told and I dutifully signed up with the South Coast Challenge.

I then had the challenge of deciding which charity I should support in attempting it. Not being already aligned to any charity I chose UNICEF UK. I think some of the most vulnerable people in this world are kids who are disadvantaged simply because of where they are born. I am always grateful to have been born into a country where we can generally feel safe, secure and with opportunities to express ourselves. The vast majority of kids born today do not enjoy those luxuries.

If anyone reading this would like to help, in any small way, you can reach my sponsorship page here.

I'll keep you updated with my progress and training before the Challenge over bank holiday weekend in August.

Thanks for listening.