Stay safe when travelling

The dark and cold months of January and February are traditionally the time when we turn our thoughts to a little time off and R&R in the summer. Whether that means a beach on a deserted island, hiking in the Alps or, like me this year, a road trip in California we can't escape the fact that our constant companion, Risk, accompanies us at all times.

Travel insurance therefore is a necessity for anyone travelling abroad to ensure that should misfortune occur your financial overheads can be met by an insurer. For businesses, there is an option to consider which can prove to be very cost-effective and that is an annual business travel policy. Whilst your business may not have any need to send its representatives abroad, most good-quality business travel policies will also extend to the private travel of the directors of the business and their families. Indeed, the flexibility of these policies is such that there are very few exclusions as to where you may be travelling and, crucially, no accompanying medical screening. As long as you are not travelling against medical advice or for treatment itself then pre-existing conditions are likely to be covered.

Insurance premium tax is only raised at 6% of these premiums rather than 20% for private policies and, of course, as the policy is bought by the business it is a tax deductible expense.

Where there are two or more directors of a business then, in my experience, it is worth considering and will very likely be a better solution than individually arranging cover.

If you wish to discuss this with me then please feel free to get in touch via my contact page.