Christmas in January

xmas cancelled.jpg

One of the things I used to dread when I worked for Bensons, was the organisation of the annual Christmas bash. It was always impossible to please all the people, all the time and you were always left with a feeling that you ended up going out on a compromised night out which you were paying through the teeth for. Having said that, I never failed to enjoy the occasion, but I always felt there must be a better approach.

So it was that as I approach Christmas last year, that I announced to myself that I would not be treating myself to a Christmas "do" this year and I would have to entertain myself. I did, however, leave myself the dangling carrot of a potential deferred Christmas celebration in January when you can choose where to go, pay "normal" prices and have an altogether more pleasurable experience.

So it is that tonight, the first QS Insurance Christmas Party will take place at Langar Hall. I have invited my wife as special guest so that I am not sat on my own and we have agreed not to introduce a "Secret Santa", as that would be silly. We did debate whether we needed a seating plan, however, and if we should enforce a change of seating positions after every course.

It will be great to reward ourselves for a brilliant starter year and remind ourselves that there is always room for a little silliness in our lives.