The Importance of Networks

One thing I have been guilty of not stressing in this blog is the continued importance of my membership of Broker Network.

I have been a member of Broker Network since 2003 and they are absolutely fundamental to how I can trade. As the years have gone by, the insurance market has become more and more hostile to small, independent advisors like me. Unless you can provide them with big numbers, they are not really interested.

Put simply, my membership of Broker Network provides me with the buying power of the largest broking group in Europe (Towergate being the ultimate parent of the network), keeping doors open to me that would otherwise be slammed firmly shut.

This means that I can continue to offer my clients the best of both worlds, access to the best markets for their insurance, at the best rates available, whilst still remaining personal and locally focussed.

On top of this, the network provide me with important business support and vital assistance with ensuring that I meet all the requirements of my regulator.

As Quidsi develops and grows, the fundamental need to remain a part of a larger whole will remain and I will ensure that routes to the best insurance products are kept open for my clients.